Insulated hives, thermal camera…


So I got a wonderful Christmas present; a FLIR One Pro thermal camera!

It connects to my iPhone 8 Plus, has its own lenses, and has a decent application to help take pictures, etc.

I’m still learning how to use it (so many features I haven’t properly used yet).

I was hoping to get a thermal picture of the bee cluster inside the hive, but realized that the insulation I used to protect the hive is doing a pretty good job.

The first picture is the visible image taken with the FLIR, and the second picture is the thermal image (and I’m still learning how to adjust the Infra-red settings on the camera).

These pictures were taken when the outside temperature was about 10 degrees Farenheit; the hive has 2 inch styrofoam insulation on 3 vertical sides and on the telescoping cover; I put 30lb roof paper (black tar paper) on the front of the hive; it also has a Vivaldi board on the top, with the openings exposed by setting the telescoping lid on the inner cover, on TOP of the Vivaldi board.

Based on this image (and others not posted) there is clearly heat in the hive, and possibly a bit of warm vapor coming out of the Vivaldi openings. Hive is warm and dry; I’m really glad we decided to insulate the hives…. it’s frickn cold!

If you have a non-insulated hive and you want to see a picture of your hive cluster, let me know; I’ll come over; I get to experiment with the camera, and you may get a picture you can use.